Samuel Christensen Law Firm PLLC enables opportunities for top performers and emerging talents in the fields of fine art, advertising, fashion, entertainment, and more. We devote all of our energy to assisting international artists in presenting their strengths and unique assets, beautifully, to the USCIS. We are an extraordinary legal team in New York, and our extensive experience in the creative fields ensures that our product reflects a savvy understanding of our clients' professions and narrows in on the particulars that make them choice candidates for the visas they desire.

Meet Our Team

Samuel Christensen / Attorney and Owner

Samuel W Christensen is a graduate of the Benjamin N Cardozo School of Law. He is both a member of the New York bar and the American Immigration Lawyers Association. He received his undergraduate degree in music from the University of Michigan, where he focused on Musicology and was a member of the Javanese Gamelan ensemble. Since graduation from law school, Mr. Christensen has practiced immigration law and represented artists of all varieties, from traditional fine artists to creative technologists. He is the owner of the Samuel Christensen Law Firm PLLC.

Amanda Gillespie / Manager of Extraordinary Ability Cases

Amanda Gillespie has been hunting wild visas and domesticating them for over ten years now, providing extraordinary individuals with useful and interesting visa pets that behave well in airports. Amanda has been featured for her work in immigration in a variety of international publications, including Flair, Foto Magazin, Time Out London, Director Magazine, France-Amerique, and more. In 2013, Amanda and her terrific O-1 team were very pleased to become part of Samuel Christensen Law PLLC. There, she continues to work with truly extraordinary people, helping them to get to where they want to go, all the better to become who they want to be.


Justin Muschong / Legal Writer

Justin Muschong is a writer with over seven years of experience in the legal field. After graduating from Michigan State University, he taught English in Japan and wrote for Michael Morse PC in Metro Detroit. He then moved to New York City, where he worked for the Greater New York Hospital Association and Amanda Gillespie, Inc. before joining Samuel Christensen Law Firm. Outside of the firm, Justin is a screenwriter (and occasional producer, director, and actor) with credits on short and feature films that have earned distinction at international festivals. He has also contributed articles to Resource Magazine.

Ken Zhong / Executive Assistant

Caroline Oliveira / Paralegal

Amy Lau / Project Manager - Paralegal

Alondra Gomera / Paralegal

Emily Windram / Project Manager - Paralegal

Dhawilson Pena / Paralegal

Jerry Gillespie / Director of Client Services

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